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The secret of good cooking : use Triplex grates [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Hinchcliffe Green (Firm);
Year: February 1934
Callno: TC 644.1 TRI
Type: trade catalogue
"Betta" combination grates [trade catalogue]
Year: [193?]
Callno: TC 644.1 BET
Type: trade catalogue
General catalogue price list : applying to catalogue April 1937 / Metters Limited [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Metters Ltd;
Year: May 1937
Callno: TC 643.6 MET/1
Type: trade catalogue
Ferranti radiant fires : 1936-7 / Ferranti Ltd. [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Ferranti Limited;
Year: 1936
Callno: TC 644.1 FER
Type: trade catalogue
Attractive fireplaces and how to build them : catalog no. 11 / H.W. Covert Company [trade catalogue]
Author/s: H. W. Covert Co.;
Year: 1936
Callno: TC 749.62 COV
Type: trade catalogue
Mantelpiece register and interior grate catalogue / Metters Ltd. [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Metters Ltd;
Year: April 1930
Callno: TC 749.62 MET
Type: trade catalogue
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Davis "injector-ventilating" gas grates : list no. 615D / The Davis Gas Stove Co., Ltd. [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Davis Gas Stove Co., issuing body.; Radiation Ltd.;
Year: Sept. 1928.
Callno: TC 749.62 DAV
Type: trade catalogue
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